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The Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship, was established in 2002 by the Cape Thespians and the Cape Thespian Alumni. Funds are held with the Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation (CHEF). The scholarship is intended to identify and support outstanding talent within the Cape Henlopen School District and to encourage continued study in the performing arts during the summer months. The Performing Arts Scholarships are intended for students who have demonstrated a financial need.

  • Application is due by April 30th.
  • Applicants must be students enrolled in the Cape Henlopen School District in the current school year intending to continue to be enrolled next year within the Cape Henlopen School District.
  • This scholarship is based on performing arts ability and interest.
  • Any number of students from each participating school (Beacon Middle School, Mariner Middle School, and Cape Henlopen High School) will be considered.
  • Schools are encouraged to be creative with their talent search.
  • The grant will be in the amount of the invoice that is to be attached to the Application.
  • The maximum amount per school awarded is $2,000.
  • The grant will be paid to the person(s) or organization providing the instruction.
  • Checks will not be made payable to parents or students.


An administrator, teacher, counselor, or parent may make the recommendation and complete the application form. Applications will not be considered unless all information is filled out accurately and completely.

Name of Nominating Teacher*

Student and Parent Information

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Student Comment

This section of the application must be completed by the student.

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This section of the application should be filled out by a parent or guardian. Information must be complete and accurate.

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The PARENT must submit a copy of the invoice for the cost of the summer instruction. The invoice must come from the person(s) or organization to which the student plans to attend. The invoice should provide an itemized list of cost and an accurate name and address to which the check should be mailed. Attach the invoice to the application.
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